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Why is ShipInsure appearing as a product in my store/cart? How do I change this?

Use the instructions below to ensure the ShipInsure Product is not included in Shopify cart:

Updating your template files

To hide the ShipInsure product from the cart view, you need to edit the cart template file for adding custom attribute.

  1. In your Shopify admin, go to [Online Store] > [Themes]
  2. Click [Edit code] under three-dot menu 
  1. Find cart template file in the theme (ex. cart.liquid
  1. You may need to edit [Sections] > cart-template.liquid in this example. Add data-shipinsure="{{item.vendor}}" attribute for each cart item's DOM element.


Adding your custom CSS

Also custom CSS needs to be added to the theme for hiding the ShipInsure line item.

  1. In your Shopify admin, go to [Online Store] > [Themes]
  2. Click [Customize]
  3. Click [Theme settings]
  4. Click [Custom CSS]
  5. Add the below CSS [data-shipinsure="ShipInsure"] {     display: none; }
  6. Click [Save] 

Note: To revert it to make ShipInsure product visible in the cart, you can simply remove the custom CSS.

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