Is my package lost or stolen?

1 min. readlast update: 11.09.2023

Lost: An order is considered lost if the carrier has identified that the package is lost (usually with the status "Lost In Transit", or "Stuck in Transit", etc.), or if the carrier has not updated the tracking status of the delivery within the last 7 business days for domestic orders (in the US and Canada) or within the last 14 business days for international orders.

Please note that although you can file your claim at any time, ShipInsure will only consider approving a claim for lost packages once the criteria above are met. The purpose of these waiting periods is to avoid common errors, such as a delivery going to an unexpected place on the premises or a carrier prematurely marking a package as "delivered" while it is still en route.

Stolen: An order is considered stolen if the carrier has marked the order as "delivered" but it has not been received by the buyer.

Note: Once a package is marked as delivered, you have a maximum of 14 days to file a claim from the date the carrier changed the status to delivered. If more than 14 days have elapsed after the status was changed to delivered, ShipInsure cannot approve your claim. 

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