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Claim Policies

ShipInsure Claim Policies


Damage Policies 

Policy on Damaged Items

A damaged item is defined as a product that is broken and cannot be used due to being clearly shattered, bent, crushed, or exhibiting similar damage. 

Coverage Limitations

ShipInsure does not provide coverage for damages such as scratches, dents, manufacturing defects, packaging errors, or unsealed items. 

Additional Evidence Requirement

ShipInsure will request further evidence, such as photos or videos, to support the customer's claim of a damaged item. 

Broken Items

If a customer receives a broken item and needs to dispose of it e.g., shattered glass, they are not required to return the item to the merchant, unless specifically instructed otherwise by the merchant.  


Lost Policies 

Packages Lost in Transit

  • On orders that have not yet been delivered or marked as "delivered" but have missed the estimated delivery date, ShipInsure will consider it lost if the carrier determines so. In such cases, customers can file a claim 2 days after the carrier confirms it as lost.
  • If the carrier does not determine the package as lost, the claim will be put on hold temporarily. If there are no tracking updates for 14 days, ShipInsure will consider it lost and honor the claim. 

Invalid Address or Delivery Issues

Occasionally, carriers are unable to deliver a package due to an invalid address or unexpected delivery issues. In such cases, the carrier may return the package to the sender. Since the package is not genuinely lost, ShipInsure does not provide coverage for this situation.  

Product missing from order

If a customer orders multiple items in one package but only part of the order arrives without evidence of tampering, ShipInsure does not cover the claim. The customer will be directed to contact the merchant for assistance. 

Multiple Packages in a Single Order

If a single order is divided into multiple packages, and one package fails to arrive, ShipInsure will cover the claim and arrange for a reorder or refund for the undelivered package. 

Missing Items due to Merchant Error

If the merchant forgets to ship an item from the customer's order, the customer should contact the merchant directly to ensure the missing items are fulfilled. 

Packages Presumed to be Lost

Claims for packages presumed to be lost by the carrier can only be filed after a specific period based on the shipment's status (not marked as "delivered").

  • For United States domestic shipments, claims can be filed 2 days after the carrier presumes the package to be lost.
  • For international shipments, including Canada, claims can be filed 14 days after the carrier presumes the package to be lost. 

Exception for Canadian Merchants Shipping within Canada

If a Canadian merchant is shipping within Canada, the same rules mentioned above (2 days for domestic shipments) would apply. Please note that these timeframes are specific to the carrier's presumption of the package being lost and vary based on the shipping location and domestic/international status.  

Packages Labeled "Return to Sender"

ShipInsure does not provide coverage for packages labeled "return to sender" as they have been sent back to the merchant. This occurs when a customer provides an invalid or undeliverable address or refuses the delivery. 

Exceptions for Coverage

  • ShipInsure may cover the claim if the returned item is perishable or if the merchant is unable to reuse it.
  • ShipInsure covers the customer's order if the package is lost in transit back to the sender or if the package was returned to the sender due to a carrier error.    

Order Stuck in Customs

ShipInsure cannot provide coverage when a customer's order is held up in international borders or customs.

Please note: in such cases, the customer is responsible for paying the customs fees in order to receive the package. 

Order Marked as Unfulfilled or Unshipped

If a customer's order is marked as unfulfilled or unshipped, it means the order has not yet been processed by the merchant, potentially due to low inventory of the items. 

No Claim Filing

ShipInsure Package Protection is not in effect for unfulfilled or unshipped orders, and therefore, no claim can be filed at this stage. 

Claim Filed Too Soon

If a customer files a claim on the same day the package is marked as delivered, ShipInsure may request them to wait 2 days before filing the claim.

  • Reasoning: Shipping carriers sometimes mark the package as delivered while it is still in transit, hence the waiting period allows for any potential delays or inaccuracies in delivery status updates. 


Stolen Policies 

Order Marked Delivered but Package Not Received

Claims for packages marked as "delivered" but not received are categorized as stolen. Customers can file claims after 2 days from the delivery status update to ensure it was not mis-delivered or easily found around the premises. 

Claim Filing Deadline

Claims must be filed within 14 days from the date the package was marked as "delivered." 

Filing a Police Report

For orders with a product value of over $100, ShipInsure may require a police report when the customer's package is marked as "delivered" but not present at the residence. 

Customer's Responsibility

If requested, the customer will need to file a police report and include an explanation that ShipInsure is a package protection company and has insured the customer's stolen package. ShipInsure requires the police report to process the claim.  

Providing Documentation

The customer will need to send ShipInsure the PDF copy and report number of the police report.

ShipInsure may also request additional documentation, such as proof of identity, address, etc. 

Delivered to Wrong Address

If the customer provided the correct address at checkout but the package was delivered to the wrong address, ShipInsure will replace or refund the order on behalf of the customer. 

Signature Present

ShipInsure will not provide coverage for an order if a signature is present on the order tracking. However, an exception to this rule exists in cases where there is suspected foul play involved. 


General Policies 

Subscription Items

  • For existing subscriptions where customers have purchased ShipInsure Package Protection, if any items in the subscription are lost, stolen, or damaged during transit and can be purchased individually, ShipInsure will reorder those items. 
  • If the items cannot be purchased individually, ShipInsure will refund the customer for those items. 

One-time Reshipment

ShipInsure can reship the specific product in question as a one-off, and the subscription will continue as originally set when purchased. 

Out of Stock

ShipInsure can offer a refund to the customer for an item that is out of stock. The customer can use the refund to order the item when it becomes available again. 

Input Wrong Address

If the customer entered the wrong address at the time of ordering, ShipInsure does not provide coverage. The customer needs to contact the merchant directly to rectify the incorrect address. 

Quality Control

ShipInsure is not a product replacement plan, so if a customer is unsatisfied with their product, the claim cannot be approved. 

Expedited Shipping Delays

  • ShipInsure does not provide coverage for delayed packages due to any reason. Carriers update their websites with expected delays caused by factors such as inclement weather or other barriers to delivery. 
  • If a customer paid for expedited shipping but the package arrives outside of the expected window, ShipInsure will not provide coverage.   

No Tracking Information

ShipInsure reserves the right to deny claims where no tracking number or information is available. In such cases, ShipInsure will reach out to the merchant to see if tracking information can be provided. 

Package in Pre-Shipment

ShipInsure reserves the right to close claims when the package tracking is marked as "pre-shipmentโ€. 

Non-Sanctioned Shipping Address

ShipInsure is based in the United States of America, and due to US shipping policies, ShipInsure will not cover issues related to shipments to countries that are not sanctioned by the US. A list of sanctioned countries is available here

Closed Claims

If a customer does not respond within 14 days, ShipInsure will automatically close the claim. 

If a Customer Didn't Want ShipInsure

  • If the customer's package has not yet shipped, ShipInsure can refund the ShipInsure premium.
  • Once the item has shipped, ShipInsure is already protecting the package and cannot provide a refund to the customer.
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